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Suigetsu Hōzuki
Akashi Ryouta

アカシ ライオタ


Akashi Raiota


Wild Storm Ryouta




May 14


East Blue


Male Male


18 (Pre Timeskip)
20 (Post Timeskip)



Eye Color


Hair Color


Blood Type


Professional Status

Typhoon Pirates




Beli Small151,000,000

Personal Status


Marital Status





Busoshoku, Kenbushoku


Shadow Slicer

Fighting Style

Ittoryu Mutoryu

Dark Storm Kenpo

Devil Fruit
Japanese Name

Burō Burō no Mi

English Name

Blow-Blow Fruit





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Akashi Ryouta(アカシ ライオタ Akashi Raiota) is a world renowned pirate and Captain of the Typhoon Pirates.He had first set about his journey across the world in a small dingy with hope of becoming the next Pirate King sometimes introducing himself as the True Pirate king but as his journey continued and his crew expanded he soon learnt that he loved being at sea simply the countless adventures he could experience he simply put aside his goal to become pirate king and simply enjoy his time with his crew and discover new and greater challanges. Akashi has eaten the Burō Burō no Mi a Logia type Devil Fruit allowing Akashi to assume the properties of a gust and become a windman.As with other Logia Fruit users he is able to allow attacks to pass through him as you can't attack the wind.With his bounty of Beli Small151,000,000 Akashi has clearly proven his worth and his ability to wreck havoc across the first half of the Grand Line.His bounty also mean that he is barely part of the New Generation of Rookie Pirates that reached the first half of the Grand Line with a bounty higher than Beli Small150,000,000 with his bounty being the lowest.


The most notable feature of Akashi is his white hair and purple eyes this is quite remarkable as generally having purple eyes is quite rare.Akashi also has shark-like teeth prompting many people to speculate that he may be part fish-man.Akashi had stated before that he only grew up with his mother who was "as human as they come".Whilst he never knew his father he highly doubts his mother would ever fall for a fish man.He wears a purple, sleeveless shirt with blue pants, sandals and a belt around his waist .He also wears another belt strapped to his chest which he uses to carry his sword Shadow Slicer.


Akashi is a probably an extremely childish person, always happiest when he's smelling the ocean breeze and is always looking for adventure. Akashi is very much a self driven man always looking for new heights to reach and always willing to give a helping hand to those who need it. This aspect of Akashi has put him into many tight situations such as helping Kaya Mai escape for Marine officials simply because she asked for help. Akashi's apparent naivety has been exploited several times by people trying to get their own gains but have quickly regretted their actions. Akashi hates nothing more than being taken advantage of and reacts violently when he discovers that it has happened. Akashi's fury was uncontrollable he single handedly annihilated an entire pirate fleet simply because the leader had used him to steal from the people of the island where they met. He told his crew to stay behind not wanting them to see him in that state. When he returned he was covered in Ash and smelt of burnt wood but other then that he was largely unharmed. Akashi laughed saying he was surprised that such a weak force could be considered a fleet especially on the grand line. The only people who have seen Akashi's fury and been in any state where they were brave enough to speak about the experience are Kaya Mai and Zephyr.D.Dekker. The most they have ever said is that Akashi is nothing less than an unstoppable monster when faced with it the best thing to do is pray for mercy in the hereafter as nothing will be able to save you.

"Why the hell is my bounty so low it's not like I'm weak...maybe I am! Well I guess I gotta train and make the world government to scared to even give me a bounty!"
— Akashi reacting to his bounty



Abilities & PowersEdit

Houzuki Suigetsu by wyv1

Akashi's Armament Haki


Akashi Wanted Poster Wild Storm Ryouta

Akashi was booked at as a incredibly capable pirate by the world government before he even reached the Grand Line.Upon reaching the Grand line Akashi's crew fought to make a name for themselves they weren't as well known as other pirates and their impact on world seemed rather small but they were tired in events that if handle in the wrong way would unravel the entire sea.

  • 1st Bounty: Beli Small100,000 - For attempting to assists known Criminal Kaya Mai in her escape from authorities.
  • 2nd Bounty: Beli Small1,000,000 - Breaking free of marine hold and escaping with criminal Kaya.Along with the assault of navy captain as well as his crew.
  • 3rd Bounty: Beli Small100,000,000 - Breaking into Marine Headquarters in order to retrieve his sword Shadow Slicer. Following this he was hunted down by one of the Cipher Pol units who were all but wiped out except for their leader who was allowed to live.
  • 4th Bounty: Beli Small151,000,000 - For the complete destruction of the Navy battle fleet that was sent out in retaliation to the defeat of the Cipher Pol Unit. With the help of his comrades Akashi defeated the high ranking Navy official who led the assault. In reality his bounty should be far greater but through fear that a bounty which would represent the true strength of Akashi would create a celebrity out of him and make it such that pirates would seek out alliances with him. It would be highly probable that he would form an alliances with another of the seven spectrum which would cause trouble right across the sea. The govenrnment needed to avoid this at all cost and so Akashi was given his small bounty.




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