Atsuko Aio


Aio Wanted Poster
Aio's current wanted poster.
Aio anime pre
Riko's initial and most common outfit.
Aio 2nd Outfit
Aio 2nd Outfit.
Aio 3rd Outfit
Aio 3rd Outfit.
Aio 4th Outfit
Aio 4th Outfit.
Aio using two swords for the first time
Aio using two swords for the first time.
Aio superhuman strength
Aio superhuman strength.


Aio anime post
Aio's outfit post timeskip.
Aio post timeskip 2nd outfit
Aio post timeskip 2nd outfit.
Aio post timeskip 3rd outfit
Aio post timeskip 3rd outfit.
Aio post timeskip 4th outfit
Aio post timeskip 4th outfit.

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