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Ayame Moto



Japanese Name: 菖蒲本
Romanized Name: Ayame Moto
English Name: Ayame Moto
Debut: New Dreams
Affiliations: Black Hair Pirates
Occupations: Pirate; Navigator
Epithet: Black Boots (黒のブーツ Kuro no buutsu?)
Age: 16 (Debut)
18 (After Timeskip)
Birthday: January 1th
Height: 178 cm (Before Time Skip) 180cm (After Time Skip)
Bounty: Beli80,000,000

Ayame Moto (菖蒲本, Ayame Moto) also know as "Black Boots" (黒のブーツ, Kuro no buutsu) is the Navigator of the Black Hair Pirates. She is the main female protegonist of the fanon story New Dreams, Ayame have married with the crew captain Katsu Ueda during the timeskip and they currently have three daughters.


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When Ayame first appeared, she showed have long dark hair, dark eyes and beautiful too. Ayame is a tall and elegant girl with relative small breasts compared to the other girls of the crew. She is very cheerful and is always smiling. She uses two Ponytails, a jacket with a skirt and big boots in usual clothes. The clothes she wears was made specifically for her to be single and fit with her style perfectly. She feels attracted to Katsu.


After the timeskip Ayame suffered major changes, she was much prettier, her hair is shorter, she got taller, and her breasts are getting bigger. Her most recent clothes are actually a jacket long enough to pass for a short dress that ends in a frilled shirt, and she still wears a concealing garment underneath to cover her undergarments. Now instead of large boots she wears high heels and stockings.


  • She is based on D'Gray Man character Leenale Lee.

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