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Black River
Giant Wings MK2
Romanized Name: Black River
English Name: Black River
First Appearance: New Dreams

Black River (黒川, Kuro Kawa) is a pirate ship and the main vessel that carries the pirate crew known as the Black Hair Pirates.

Design and AppearanceEdit

The Black River is incredibly a ship frigate style, from Baster wanted to make a big impression for katsu. Even if a ship made ​​by the Navy this ship is tougher than a normal ship. The Black River is a gigantic ship where every crew member has his own room.

There are two cannons; one placed in the horse's mouth in fente ship; the second cannon is underneath the vessel. The ship has four thrusters under the hull that gives you the ability to fly for a maximum of one hour.

The ship has three floors the floor of the room of girls, the floor of the boys' room and floor workout. The ship also has two upper floors the floor with the infirmary and kitchen also has upstairs with the rudder and the garden.

Figurehead, Helm, and AnchorsEdit

Giant Wings Head

Black River Head

The giant figure of Wings is a giant blue horse head, which has a cannon in his mouth. Baster dessidio put this figure due to the name of the crew. Otherwise, the command is positioned in front of the main mast. The device to control the rudder is a traditional wheel seen in many Advised pirates of fiction. The rudder is placed where it is for a better vantage point, although not the most blocked by masted ship part.

The helm has several buttons red connects the head tube, the blue garter thrusters, yellow lige the cannon on the hull of the vessel and Brown uses the energy of all to shoot a huge beam cannon.

Rooms Aboard the Black RiverEdit


Special room of Hayato he spends most of his time there trying to improve your recipes. He always tries to do their best recipes to please all the girls. The kitchen features a large balcony where Hayato puts the food I made and a large table where he has all your kitchen utensils. In the kitchen there is a special elevator that leads to the girls rooms.


The infernaria is rather large Aimi be much of his time there developing her meds. There are four beds and lots of remedies created by Aimi to each crew member having each been specially made according to the characteristics of each.


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