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Blue Fist Style
Aoi Sentou Infobox
Japanese Name: 青手の技
Romanized Name: Aote no Waza
English Name: N/A
Literal Meaning: Blue Hand Technique
Debut: New Dreams
User(s): Hayato
Fighting Style Focus: Hands and Feets; Free Fightning Style

The Blue Fist Style is a martial-arts style that have been invented by the Blaze Dragon Pirates Chef Hayato. This fighting style unlike Black Leg Style uses his hands to fight not caring about hurt. This style was created with the purpose of killing, after Hayato joined Riko he began using his fighting style to realize his dream.

This style consists in the manipulation of blue flames produced in the body from Hayato which give you more speed and strength and its techniques consist in the use of these flames. It was shown that Hayato is the only people able to control this style of combat. It has been seen that who tried to use this style was eventually controlled by the flames and became a fire demon.


Before TimeskipEdit

  • Aoiro Kentou (青色拳闘 literally meaning "Blue Boxing"?):
    • Karaage Jab (空揚げジャブ literally meaning "Fried Jab"?):
    • Cuit au four Hook (焼き塩フック literally meaning "Baked Hook"?):
  • Poché Muetai (落しムエタイ literally meaning "Poached Muay Thai"?):

After TimeskipEdit

This is a list showing the attacks and techniques Hayato used after the two years.

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