The Bun Bun no Mi is a paramecia-type devil fruit also known as the Split-Split Fruit. Bun is short for Bunkatsu or Bunretsu meaning 'Splitting' or 'Division', respectively. It gives the user the power to split and make multiple copies of themselves.

Strengths & WeaknessesEdit

Each copy has the identical strengths, weaknesses, skills, and memories of the user. The number of copies that can be made depends on how much mental strain the user can take being multiple entities, often resulting in the user developing split personalities. Each copy exhibits widely differing personalities as well as has minor differences to hair and eye color associated with the personalities. If the user can't control the personalities produced then they will be random and may be useless; but if they can control it then they can produce personalities that can work together and multiply fighting capability. Copies may poof out of existence when the user chooses or when they are defeated. Standard devil fruit weaknesses apply.

Known Personalities Edit

  • Red - Anger
  • Orange - Courageous
  • Yellow - Mellow
  • Green - Greedy
  • Blue - Cool
  • Purple - Intelligent
  • Pink - Bubbly
  • Gray - Miserable
  • Black - Villainous