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Burō Burō no Mi
Burō Burō no Mi
Japanese Name: Burō Burō no Mi
English Name: Blow Blow Fruit
Meaning: Blow
First Appearance: Unknown
Type: Logia
Eaten by: Akashi Ryouta


The Burō Burō no Mi has the apperance of an apple with an elongnated stem which is curled.The fruit itself is covered in swirls comparable to a snail's shell.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

The Burō Burō no Mi grants Akashi the ability to generate powerful  gusts of wind from his very limbs.He can create large hurricane like winds capable of blowing away large numbers of opponents and/or stopping projectiles with ease.Also he can create a more precise and concentrated  stream of air capable of piercing Armour or a person body.

As with all logia type fruits the main ability of the Burō Burō no Mi is the user's ability to take on the properties of a gust of wind giving the user to capability to  allowing attacks to pass through and at times prevent attacks from even reaching him.The fruit also gives the user the uncanny ability to generate and ride  wind currents this ability is most commonly used by  Akashi as he will often glide across the sea to oncoming enemy ships and deal with them before they even come into targeting range of his ship.He also uses this ability in combat as  in greatly increase his maneuverability and evasiveness he has even been known to jump of cliffs simply to avoid a fights.

However this particular devil has several weaknesses,first and foremost whilst all logia fruit users are susceptible to haki attacks the Burō Burō no Mi is extremely susceptible to haki attacks.Haki users using long range haki imbued attack using the air can easily take out Akashi if he in incapable of dodging.