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Draco D. Damon
Draco D. Damon



Dorako D. Deimon


Crimson Demon (紅蓮魔 Gurenma)




June 10th


Male Male


19 (Pre Timeskip)
21 (Post Timeskip)





Eye Color


Hair Color


Blood Type


Professional Status

Draco Pirates




Beli Small550,000,000

Personal Status


Marital Status






Devil Fruit
Japanese Name

Han Han no Mi

English Name

Enhancer-Enhancer Fruit





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Draco D. Damon (ドラコD.デイモン Dorako D. Deimon) is a World-Wide Famous Pirate and Captain of the Draco Pirates. Damon had come with the goal of changing the entire world from its current corrupted state, as he would first appear in a small ship claiming he would be the New Pirate King. Damon has eaten the Han Han no Mi a Active Paramecia-Class of Devil Fruit that allows him to manipulate and enhance his own blood only, making him a very powerful combatant, with it he gains the rank of the strongest of the Four Beast in his crew, the four more powerful people on it. Damon has currently earned the immense bounty of Beli Small550,000,000 which is the highest thus far of his crew. Damon would also be part of the New Generation of Rookie Pirates that reached the first half of the Grand Line with a bounty higher than Beli Small150,000,000 with his bounty being the highest. He had gained the Crimson Demon (紅蓮魔 Gurenma) epithet due to a certain incident he provoked.


Damon FUll

Damon's Full Body.

Damon's most prominent feature is his spiky black hair. He has dark blue eyes, and his body is toned and muscular which may attract many girls when he doesn't notice, he has a scar on his forehead above his left eye that is partially covered by his hair, and a cross-shaped scar on his lower abdomen. Damon is constantly using some kind of white coat, when without it he uses a thin black shirt with brown straps crossing it. His previous consistent pieces of clothing were his necklace, which resembles a sword with a stone in it, a metal bracelet and a chain which was attached to the belt loops on the right side of his pants.

Damon's choice of clothing can be seen as strange to as do not seem very practical, especially in battle. Regardless, Damon seems to find comfort in them and that's what matters to him. His standard attire consist of a dark blue vest that has white lining running down the middle and two lines on each side that connect to the sleeves, tracing the white lining. He has separate sleeves that are dark blue, which in turn match the vest. Damon has on a dark gray belt around his waist to hold up his beige hakama pants. Underneath the pants, Damon wears a set of black knee-high boots which strangely make near to no sound when he walks.





Abilities & PowersEdit

Physical ProwessEdit

  • Excessive Strength:
  • Excessive Speed & Agility:
  • Unmatchable Reflexes:
  • Monstrous Endurance:
  • Excessive Durability:
  • Monstrous Stamina:
  • Monstrous Will:

Fighting StyleEdit

Misc & WeaknessEdit

Devil FruitEdit

Damon ate the Han Han no Mi (帳帳果物 Lit. meaning Enhancer-Enhancer Fruit) which is a Paramecia-Class Devil Fruit that enables Damon to manipulate, modify and enhance his own blood only, making him a Enhancer-Human (増強剤人間 Zōkyō Ningen), he is capable of producing far more RBCs on his body surpassing the amount of a normal person and thus increasing his metabolism rate, additionally Damon can increase or decrease the temperature of the blood inside his body, curiously it won't affect or destroy his body. Due to the increased metabolism, Damon's wounds may heal way more fast and it can produces a variety of antibodies rendering immune to some poisons if not all poisons, due to this great strength the user receives, some dub the Han Han no Mi as either The Strongest Paramecia or as the Overlord's Devil Fruit. The power is active without the need for Damon turn it on like several fruits.

Despite being a Paramecia-Type of Devil Fruit, the most common, this fruit is relatively strong. Damon is able to produce more RBCs than the normal increasing his metabolism rate which means it will increase the pace of the working inside his body, thus it enhances his physical prowess depending on how much he increased the production of RBCs, the normal would be, with one boost his physical attributes increase 1.2x times. Aside from it, Damon's physic becomes far more durable due to the metabolism process being faster, with it he is able to defend himself using this hardness and attack opponents, trivially if Damon ever uses the Rokushiki, all the techniques would be greatly enhanced due to the fruit's power. Additionally he has been shown to be capable of making the temperature of his blood vary, using this for various and different purposes. Even though the fruit is very powerfull, if used too much on the same day or if boosted too much times, Damon's body can become very numb and therefore he will be open to attacks, and instead of his body healing, since he had used too much of the fruit's power his wounds may not heal rendering him a great pain. Aside from that he suffers the others standard Devil Fruit User's weakness.


Busoshoku no HakiEdit

Damon's Haki

Damon using Armament Haki to partially cover his body.

Kenbushoku no HakiEdit

Haoshoku no HakiEdit


Damon Wanted
Crimson Demon Damon

As the captain of his crew, Damon has been recognized by the World Government as the most dangerous member of the Draco Pirates. Ever since Damon was considered a new pirate, the World Government did not pay much attention to him. However, with each new outrageous exploit Damon and his crew have accomplished, their views on him have changed. Damon's Wanted Poster pic was made with the lie of him posing in a Model Tournament where the Winner gains food.

  • 1st Bounty: Beli Small20,000,000 - For defeating a famous Marine Captain and stealing the entire stolen food hidden on his base.
  • 2nd Bounty: Beli Small60,000,000 - For the defeat of the most powerful Pirate Fleet in the East Blue with the help of his comrades.
  • 3rd Bounty: Beli Small100,000,000 - For siding with a certain Detective and innocenting certain criminals in the Grand Line then defeating one hundred marines and two marine captains in the process ;mistaken by the World Government as a normal freeing of prisoners and threat to the Marine Officers.
  • 4th Bounty: Beli Small300,000,000 - By orchestrating alongside his crew the attack and destruction of the entire Underworld District, while Damon defeatad two of the major members of the CPΩ A.K.A Cipher Pol Omega while also because he humillated the District's Leader.
  • 5th Bounty: Beli Small550,000,000 - For being publicly recognized as the Grandson of the Former Shichibukai Valvoga, for nearly killing a World Noble, for showing to possess the Conqueror's Haki and for defeating a powerful Vice-Admiral from the Marines in a Death Match.


Major Battles & EventsEdit

  • Damon vs. Marine Captain
  • Draco Pirates vs. Pirate Fleet
  • Damon vs. 100 Marines & 2 Marine Captains
  • Draco Pirates, Blaze Dragon Pirates, The Marimo Pirates & Holy Power Pirates vs. Several Marines & Pirates
  • Damon vs. 100 Hundred Marines & 100 Hundred Pirates
  • Damon vs. World Noble
  • Damon vs. Vice Admiral (Death Match)


  • He is based off of Gray Fullbuster from the Fairy Tail Series.
  • His Devil Fruit's powers were inspired on the powers of the protagonist of my own series, therefore its my property.
  • Like many characters, Damon has a special laugh "Drahahahahahaha".
  • Damon likes Lasagna more than any other food.
  • Damon did never get drunk after drinking.

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