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Dread Pirates
Japanese Name: 怖気海賊
Romanized Name: Ozoke Kaizoku
English Name: Dread Pirates
First Appearance: Unknown
Captain: Roberts
Main Ship: Santa Maria (former)
Total Bounty: Beli Small Unknown
The Dread Pirates (怖気海賊 Ozoke Kaizoku) are a pirate crew that originated in the West Blue by "Dread Pirate" Roberts and "Seven Seas" Sinbad. The rival crew of the Dread Pirates are the Fuzzy Bunny Pirates.


Jolly RogerEdit

Crew MembersEdit

Dread Pirates
Dread goblin profile Susanoo profile Morgenstern profile Crickett profile
Roberts Sinbad Morgenstern Crickett Anne
Croc profile Fundoshi profile Bos'n profile Mist man profile
Fezzik Haruo Narkissos Syn Maxwell
Gordie profile High flyer profile Simo profile
Senna Gordie Kele Simo D. Calvin
Gunpowder 1 profile Lugh profile Electrical fuzz profile
Benjermain Dupri Langhorne Samael Faramond
Santa Maria Revenge
Flag profile
Solomon Pirates


Crew StrengthEdit



Behind The ScenesEdit

  • This crew is based partially on the The Princess Bride.

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