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"I Am the Hope of the Universe!"

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Zeon's musician2
Japanese Name: N/A
Romanized Name: N/A
English Name: Froth
First Appearance: A Musical Battle in the New World
Affiliations: The Marimo Pirates
Occupations: [Musician]
Japanese VA: N/A
Funi English VA: N/A
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Froth is a citizen of Sonata Island, a former abductee of Thoosa of the Flirtations, and the musician of the Marimo Pirates.

Personality and RelationshipsEdit


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Physical CapabilitiesEdit


Musical CapabilitiesEdit

Froth is one of Sonata Island's most capable musicians. As of a matter of fact, even the musical prowess of the Cantata themselves pale in comparison to what Froth is capable of. Thus, it should come to no surprise that Froth is capable of handling a number of musical instruments with the dexterity of any master.

However, it should be noted that Froth's preference isn't to play with any type of musical instrument. Instead, Froth prefers to make music through the utilization of the Shabondama no Gassoudan (Ensemble of Soap Bubbles).

Shabondama no Gassoudan (Ensemble of Soap Bubbles)Edit

The Ensemble of Soap Bubbles is a style of musical performance which was invented by Froth himself. It solely consists blowing bubbles from some Adele-Brand of Mermaid Café Liquid Soap.

Upon popping, the aforementioned bubbles will produce a sound with a pitch that is directly proportional to the size of the bubble. The smaller bubbles will have a lower pitch. While the larger bubbles will have a higher pitch.

By blowing a particular variety of bubbles and then popping that variety in the correct sequence, Froth can emulate the sounds of any type of musical instrument he desires. It should also be noted that Froth is fully capable of emulating the voices of any singer he desires as well.

All-in-all, the Ensemble of Soap Bubbles allows Froth to be one of the most efficient one-man-bands to have ever lived.

Ongakusei no Mahou (Magic of Musicianship)Edit

The Magic of Musicianship Is a rather unique form of self-defense. Froth is its inventor and currently its sole practitioner. It consists of utilizing one's bare hands to "throw" some Adele-Brand of Mermaid Café Liquid Soap into both the shape of any creature one desires and a number of bubbles. Upon popping, the bubbles will produce sounds in a manner that'll make it seem like the "creature" is real. When the "creature" pops, it'll produce a boom that is fully capable of nauseating an individual through its loudness.