Galeo, also known as "Jelly Fish Galeo", is a Great White Shark Fishman who is also a former member of the Arlong Pirates. After he was arrested by the marines, he was eventually freed from jail by Phantom D. Ryder who made the Galeo join his crew. He is now a member of the Phantom Blade Pirates as their Swordsman and Navigator. He is constantly berated by fellow Fishmen as he has joined a crew which has Devil Fruit users.


Galeo is a tall Great White Shark Fishman with black eyes and white pupils. His hands are webbed between each finger and he has a large fin that goes down his spine. He also has fins on hiss elbows. He usually wears a red coat with orange flowers and black thin trousers. He also wears black sandals. He can also grow two extra arms from his waist.


Galeo is usally the calm type of person who doesn't take things too seriously. He dislikes senseless fighting and only fights when he has a clear reason to. Despite all of this, when it comes down to an actual fight Galeo finds enjoyment in it, especially if it involves swords. Galeo also has a lot of pride, vowing to never lose until he's fulfillled his dream of fighting all of the Swordsmen in the world.


Abilities and PowersEdit

  • Amazing Strength
  • Incredible Pain Tolerance
  • Sharpened Navigattion Skills
  • Master of the Yontoryu

Fighting StyleEdit

Galeo is a Swordsman who practices his own style called the "Four Swords Style". He uses his four swords to make creative yet powerful attacks.

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