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Han Han no Mi
Japanese Name: 帳帳果物
English Name: Enhancer-Enhancer Fruit
Meaning: Enhancer
First Appearance: Unknown
Type: Paramecia
Eaten by: Draco D. Damon

The Han Han no Mi (帳帳果物 Lit. meaning Enhancer-Enhancer Fruit) is a Paramecia-Class Devil Fruit that was eaten by Draco D. Damon during his childhood. This fruit enables the user manipulate and enhance his own blood only, making the user a Enhancer-Human (増強剤人間 Zōkyō Ningen), Han comes from Enhansā which means Enhancer, representing the fruit's power. Its power was first demonstrated when Damon stopped to have diseases.

This fruit is sometimes regarded as the "Overlord's Devil Fruit" because of the power given by the fruit to the user.


The Han Han no Mi is a hon, spherical shaped fruit with a stem sprouting out of the top, with swirls that go in a curly "S" like-pattern.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

Despite being a Paramecia-Type of Devil Fruit, the most common, this fruit is relatively strong. Damon is able to produce more RBCs than the normal increasing his metabolism rate which means it will increase the pace of the working inside his body, thus it enhances his physical prowess depending on how much he increased the production of RBCs, the normal would be, with one boost his physical attributes increase 1.2x times. Aside from it, Damon's physic becomes far more durable due to the metabolism process being faster, with it he is able to defend himself using this hardness and attack opponents, trivially if Damon ever uses the Rokushiki, all the techniques would be greatly enhanced due to the fruit's power. Additionally he has been shown to be capable of making the temperature of his blood vary, using this for various and different purposes. Due to the increased metabolism, Damon's wounds may heal way more fast and it can produces a variety of antibodies rendering immune to some poisons if not all poisons, due to this great strength the user receives, some dub the Han Han no Mi as either The Strongest Paramecia or as the Overlord's Devil Fruit.

Even though the fruit is very powerfull, if used too much on the same day or if boosted too much times, Damon's body can become very numb and therefore he will be open to attacks, and instead of his body healing, since he had used too much of the fruit's power his wounds may not heal rendering him a great pain. Aside from that he suffers the others standard Devil Fruit User's weakness.




  • This is the First Devil Fruit made on the Fanon.
  • This fruit is one of the few to be considered "Unique" or "Special" even for its class.
  • This fruit is one of the many to grant three different abilities to the user, first he is capable of enhancing his blood thus producing more RBCs increasing his metabolism in the process, second he is able to produce more blood inside his body and even control it, and finally the user is capable of changing the temperature of his blood.

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