Hone Hone no Mi

Japanese Name:

Hone Hone no Mi

English Name:

Bone Bone Fruit



Power: to manipulate your own skeletal structur

Eaten By:
Story / Creator:Inushima 

The Hone Hone no Mi is a paramecia Devil fruit that gives the user the ability to manipulate their own skeletal structure.



The Hone Hone no Mi gives the gives the user the ability to manipulate bones to use as weapons as well as to manipulate their own skeletal structure (their osteoblasts and osteoclasts).the user can also increase the density of the bones making the bones as hard as steel,aswell as grow extra bones.


The user suffers from standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.besides the standard devil fruit weaknesses the user also needs to drink alot of calcium to keep the bones strong.



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