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Ika Ika no Mi
Ika Ika no Mi
Japanese Name: 怒怒の実
English Name: Ika Ika no Mi
Meaning: Angry Angry Fruit
First Appearance:  ???
Type: Paramecia
Eaten by: Totsuzen Jarogniew

Ika Ika no Mi (怒怒の実, Ika Ika no Mi) is a Paramecia-Class Devil Fruit that was consumed by Vice Admiral Jarogniew of the Seven Deadly Sins. Known as the Angry Angry Fruit in English, it makes the user an Anger Human (怒りの人間, Ikari no Ningen).


The Ika Ika no Mi was found inhabiting a Pomegranate.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

The strengths of the Ika Ika no Mi are that it boosts the physical strength, defensive capabilities and regenerative abilities of the cells of the consumer. The boosts last as long as the consumer is angry and grow with the user's anger. This means that the boosts are almost boundless.

However, the abilities of the Ika Ika no Mi activate the instant that the user gets even slightly angry. It has also been stated by Totsuzen that the Fruit also makes it difficult to think straight while mad, meaning that foolish mistakes can be made and it may also make telling the difference between Friend and Foe hard. Along with the difficulty in controlling the Fruit's abilities, the amount of exhaustion, wear and tear that the consumer would normally have experienced from a fight is doubled in both intensity and duration once their anger subsides.

Normal Devil Fruit weaknesses still apply as well. It is believed that the use of Sea Prism Stone could instantly calm down the consumer, as all of their strength would be sapped away. However, this has yet to be tested.


  • There are no named attacks specifically associated with this Fruit
  • The Strengths of this Fruit are inspired by The Incredible Hulk of Marvel
  • The image is of a Pomegranate that appeared in an episode of Attack on Titan