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Jiro Fujimoto

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Japanese Name: 二郎藤本
Romanized Name: Jiro Fujimoto
English Name: Jiro Fujimoto
Debut: New Dreams
Affiliations: Black Hair Pirates
Rengougun (Leader)
Occupations: Pirate; Martial Artist
Epithet: Rookie (ルーキー Ruukii?)
Age: 16 (Debut)
18 (After Timeskip)
Birthday: June 20th
Height: 5'1" (debut)
5'9" (after timeskip)
Bounty: Beli200,000,000

Jiro Fujimoto (二郎藤本, Jiro Fujimoto) also knows as Rookie (ルーキー Ruukii) due to having become a pirate fairly new and have caused several confusions before joining the Black Hair Pirates. During the timeskip Jiro formed an alliance with Daiki Fukui and other three renegade pirates and four Pirate Hunters to face the World Government along with his friends caled the Rengougun.


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Jiro is a young man of light-tan skin which he gained throughout his years living in the jungle hunting for food. Jiro has black spiky hair which has a tipped little bit of green in the edges. His hair is somewhat neat for a person who has lived with nature for all those years. Making people think he’s joking when he says that he lived on the jungle. Jiro has big soft brown hazel eyes which help him make pranks or sometimes make people give him what he wants when he puts a soft look however this does not always happen due to him not wanting to do these very oftenly.

When thing’s come to clothing he usually wears any color without having any preferences. Jiro main outfit consists of a white sleeveless shirt or tank top which he often changes of color having a green one, red one, blue one, and black sleeveless shirt. Having no preferences of any of them. He wears green shorts or he also wears some white baggy trouser pants holded by a black gi belt and green long boots. Jiro despite having a small height he has shown to have some good physique having small biceps and a 6 pack of abs. This does not harm his speed at all being nimble at combat. His height is helpful due to him being faster and hard to catch. Post timeskip he is 18 years old. Having grown preferably higher than before having an average height now. He has now gained a much more toned and muscular body having defined biceps, triceps that have grown in a great size. He now wears a dark yellowish bandana and a similar outfit to the one he had before only that of different colors.


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