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Kazuo Matsushita

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Japanese Name: 一男松下
Romanized Name: Kazuo Matsushita
English Name: Kazuo Matsushita
Debut: New Dreams
Affiliations: Black Hair Pirates
Occupations: Shipwright
Epithet: Yellow Lightning (黄電光 Ki Denkou?)
Age: 20 (Debut)
22 (After Timeskip)
Birthday: November 3rd
Height: 168cm (Before Time Skip)
170cm (After Time Skip)
Bounty: Beli190,000,000
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Enemon Enemon no Mi
English Name: Energy Coat-Energy Coat Fruit
Meaning: Energy Coat
Type: Paramecia

Kazuo Matsushita (一男松下, Kazuo Matsushita) also know as Yellow Lightning (黄電光, Ki Denkou) is the Shipwright of the Black Hair Pirates and is one of the four legions, the stronger member of the crew, together with Katsu, Asuka and Sakura. Kazuo is original from the West Blue but was taken to the Grand Line by pirates whene he was young and at some point of the story he have eat the Enemon Enemon no Mi a paramecia type devil fruit that makes him a Enemon Ningen (エネ紋逃, Energy Coat Human).


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