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Moho Moho no Mi
Japanese Name: 模倣の果実を模倣
English Name: Mimic Mimic Fruit
Meaning: Imitate
First Appearance: Unknown
Type: Paramecia
Eaten by: Dhahaka D. Knave
The Moho Moho no Mi is a Paramecia-class Devil Fruit that allows the user to duplicate the properties of inanimate objects and then apply them to his body. It was eaten by Dhahaka D. Knave, Captain of The Marimo Pirates.

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Strengths and Weaknesses Edit

The Moho Moho no Mi is an undeniably strong Devil Fruit, as it allows Knave to duplicate the properties of any inanimate object he touches. Knave also has access to what he refers to as his 'palette', meaning that he can store up to 3 'properties' at a time, that he can freely switch between, giving him diversity in his combat style. Additionally, for certain objects, Knave can copy the 'attributes' of an object as well (such as touching a balloon would allow him to inflate parts of his body to a limited degree). However, this fruit also has its own share of weaknesses.

Foremost is that Knave must be able to touch an object in order to duplicate its properties. Duplicating magma, for instance, or poison, or something else that would do him large amounts of harm via contact, would not allow him to duplicate its properties (the only partial exception to this is fire, though Knave has shown that he can only copy small and relatively weak amounts of the substance). The same rule applies to touching water, or rain. The second is that Knave can not change his body shape freely, and he must remain fairly within the realms of human physiology. For example, if he duplicated the properties of mist, he would gain its intangiblility, but he would still remain in the shape of a human body. If he gave his forearm the properties of a chain, he could only use it in directions that an arm could go. Finally, Knave cannot duplicate living things, or Devil Fruit powers (as they are linked to humans, or another living creature who has consumed one).

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