Nitoryu (Grand)
Nitoryu Infobox
Japanese Name: 二刀流
Romanized Name: Nitōryū
English Name: Two Swords Style
Literal Meaning: Two Sword Style
User(s): Atsuko Aio
Fighting Style Focus: Swords
Nitoryu is a sword style used by several people.

Ittoryu AttacksEdit

Atsuko Aio's AttacksEdit

  • Nigenkiba (二元牙 literally meaning "Dual Fang"?): Having the two katanas in his Sayas a very fast movement Aio attack the opponent and when back to put their katanas in their respective Saya the adversary receives the attack. When Aio uses this attack the image of two giant fish appear along with his katanas.
  • Mizushikon (水歯根 literally meaning "Water Fang"?):
  • Nijuu Keiro (二重径路 literally meaning "Double Path"?): Doing several seemingly random movements Aio puts his arms as if it were run Oni Giri by using only two Spades. Then Aio will attack the opponent to a superhuman speed. This technique is also called Double Giri.
  • Tsuinaida (ツイン間 literally meaning "Twin Break"?):
  • Rensei Kire (錬成切れ literally meaning "Drilling Cut"?):
  • Hantaakiraa (ハンターキラー literally meaning "Hunter Killer"?):

Post TimeskipEdit

  • Koshi Yakushin (腰躍進 literally meaning "Spring Dash"?):