Ittoryu Infobox
Japanese Name: 一刀流
Romanized Name: Ittōryū
English Name: One Sword Style
Literal Meaning: One Sword Style
User(s): Atsuko Aio
Fighting Style Focus: Swords
This style of fighting with swords is used by various people with various katanas.

Ittoryu AttacksEdit

Before TimeskipEdit

  • Odorichi (クロウ流: 踊り家 literally meaning "Crow Style: Blood Dance"?):
  • Gekihakiba (獅子流:撃破牙 literally meaning "Leo Style: Crushing Fang"?):
  • Nenshou Shou (獅子流:燃焼 literally meaning "Leo Style: Burning Cut"?):
  • Ittoryu Ogi: Kakikomi no Pasu Kyuuden (一刀流秘技:書き込みのパス宮殿 literally meaning "One-Sword Style Secret Technique: Path of the Burning Palace"?):

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