Phantom Blade Pirates
Phantom Blade Jolly roger
Japanese Name: ドラコ海賊
Romanized Name: Fantomu Burēdo Kaizoku
English Name: Phantom Blade Pirates
First Appearance: Unknown
Captain: Phantom D. Ryder
Main Ship: Traveler's Tale
Total Bounty: TBA

The Phantom Blade Pirates are group of pirates that have members that mainly originate from East Blue. The crew of 7 are led by the former marine, Phantom D. Ryder. The Phantom Blade in their name came from the surname of their captain. The crew travel on their ship called the Traveler's Tale, which is a modified version of Ryder's original marine ship the Passive Justice.

Jolly Roger Edit

The Jolly Roger was designed by Eddy, the Jolly Roger consists of a dragon shaped skull which had it's mouth over two swords. The Jolly Roger was originally mocked by the crew members as Eddy claimed that the skull was supposed to be a ghost. Overtime the crew began to repspect their flag.

Crew Members Edit

Name Profession Capabilities Epithet

Phantom D. Ryder

  • User of Rokushiki
  • All Three Types of Haki
  • Former Marine Captain
  • Manto Manto no Mi

 "Cyan Devil" ("シアン悪魔" ファントムD.ライダ Shian Akuma)


  • Yontoryu
  • Powerful Swordsman
  • Can use Kenbusoshoku Haki and Busoshoku Haki
  • Skilled Navigator


  • Medic
  • Skilled Accuracy
  • User of Cat Claws
  • Tactical Mind
  • Extensive Medical Knowledge
  • User of Busoshoku Haki

"Black Flash" (黒フラッシュ  ​Kuro furasshu)


  • Cartographer
  • Great Cook with extensive knowledge of recipes
  • Free Fighting-Style
  • Kindoru Kindoru no Mi

"Mad Bomber" (マッドボンバー Maddobonbā)


  • Historian
  • Scouter
  • Exstensive Knowledge of Foreign Languages
  • Limited Shipwright skills
  • Oni Oni no Mi, Model: Purple

"Blue Book Worm" (ブルーブックワーム Burūbukkuwāmu)


  • Historian
  • Scouter
  • Can understand Ancient Texts
  • Limited Shipwright skills
  • Oni Oni no Mi, Model: Purple

"Pink Book Worm" (ピンクブックワーム Pinkubukkuwāmu)



  • Ryder's dream was originally to rid the world of all Pirates. Now his dream is to expose the World Government and become the Pirate King if possible.
  • Galeo's dream is to become the best Yontoryu Swordsman in the world and to beat Roronoa Zoro
  • Rosa's dream is to gain enough money so that she can by a whole island. The island would then become the centre of Health and Medicine for the whole of Grand World.
  • Eddy's dream is to bring down the World Government and break a friend free from Impel Down.
  • Yoko and Mono share the same dream. Their dreams is to gain as much knowledge as possible.