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Sakura Ito



Japanese Name: 桜この藤
Romanized Name: Sakura Ito
English Name: Sakura Ito
Debut: New Dreams
Affiliations: Black Hair Pirates
Occupations: Pirate; Broker
Epithet: Golden Eyes (金目 Kinme?); Golden Red (金朱 Kinake?)
Age: 19 (Debut)
21 (After Timeskip)
Birthday: July 30th
Height: 165cm (5'7") (Before Timeskip)
175cm (5'9") (After Timeskip)
Bounty: Beli100,000,000

Sakura Ito (桜この藤, Sakura Ito) is the Broker of the Black Hair Pirates, she have conection with the Underworld. She makes all trades and businesses of the crew alone and sometimes in conjunction with Katsu due to having participated in smuggling business when he was little. Sakura is in love with Katsu and even he being married to Ayame, she tries to be alone with him so they can have privacy when Ayame is not with Katsu night, Sakura will get him to kiss him and sleep with him.


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Before TimeskipEdit

Sakura is a beautiful girl with long black hair, he's got big and beautiful golden eyes. She usually wears a short white dress on the front, black back and she uses a small Orange skirt underneath the dress. She usually wear a long open coat with large sleeves that when she fights typically take. Sakura got top ca braids of hair and at the end of the hair she has arrested two bells. She is often seen wearing a bat to fight.

After TimeskipEdit

After the timeskip Sakura kept the same appearance, having changed the weight nor her hair. Her clothing has changed, for now use a short dress opend up, she wears a long black gloves and collar uses a black boot on his left leg and a shoe on the right foot. Now she wears gold earrings with a stick larger than the one before.


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