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Shi Shi no Mi
Shi Shi no Mi
Japanese Name: 死死の実
English Name: Shi Shi no Mi
Meaning: Death Death Fruit
First Appearance:  ???
Type: Paramecia
Eaten by:  ???

Shi Shi no Mi (死死の実, Shi Shi no Mi) is a Paramecia-Class Devil Fruit. This Devil Fruit gives the consumer the ability to manipulate and control the bodies of the Dead. It is called the Death Death Fruit in English and turns its consumer into a Death Human (死の人間, Shi no Ningen), alternatively referred to as a Necromancer (降霊術師, Kōreijutsu-shi). It is one of the most feared Devil Fruits on the Sea. This Devil Fruit is currently in the possession of Ray Aurelius, and is for sale.


The Shi Shi no Mi inhabits an apple. The swirl design on the Shi Shi no Mi makes it look like there are numerous skulls on the fruit.

Strength and WeaknessesEdit

The biggest, most obvious strength of the Shi Shi no Mi is that it allows the user to gain control over any corpse. However, the user must come into contact with the body first, in the beginning. In order to gain control over corpses without coming into contact with them, the User must gain more power and control over the Fruit.

Control over the corpse can be gained as soon as a body becomes a corpse. The User does not need to wait any amount of time or need to be stronger than the recently deceased body. This allows the User of the Shi Shi no Mi to continually and quickly build up forces.

The corpses do not need to have any musculature for the User to control the corpse. However, if any part of the body (arm, leg etc.) is missing, then the Shi Shi no Mi has no effect.

Other than needing the entirety of the body, the Shi Shi no Mi has the standard weaknesses of all Devil Fruits: If the User is more than half submerged in water, or comes into contact with Sea Prism Stone, the User loses all energy.




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