The Shuko Shuko no Mi is a Logia-type devil fruit also known as the Veggie Veggie Fruit. Shuko is short for shukosei meaning 'vegetation'.


It gives the user the power to become any form of vegetation, but primarily in the form of plant vines and tendrils. Like all logia types it allows the user to produce and control their element as well as regenerate. Because this power encompasses all plant life the user can make use of flower scents, toxic plants, and carnivorous plants in combat. The user can also crossbreed and make hybrid plants with great ease giving them a wide range of highly specialized techniques. This power can also produce plants that are impossibly large and capable of engulfing villages, like for instance a giant bean stalk.


Because the 'element' of vegetation is an organic one the user can still feel pain if any part of their vast plant body is damaged. Standard devil fruit weaknesses apply.