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"Do you wanna die that badly?"

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Suoh D Kidd
Izayoi Profile
Name Suoh D Kidd
Kanji 周防Dキッド
Rōmaji Suō D. Kiddo
Race Human
Birthday 1st May
Age 19
Gender Male
Eyes purple
Hair blonde
Blood Type O+
Unusual Features None
Affiliation Holy Power Pirates
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation Pirate, Captain
crew Holy Power Pirates
ship Winged Pegasus
Relatives Unknown
Alias Headphone Kidd

Suoh D. Kidd is a famous pirate known all around the world and captain of the Holy Power Pirates. He has earned the alias of "Headphones Kidd" or just "Headphones. Kidd's goal is to become the New Pirate King as he has set this goal since his early years by finding the One Piece. That Gol D. Roger left before he died. Kidd has eaten the Bureiku Bureiku no Mi a Paramecia type devil fruit that allows him to break through every material. Making himca powerful fighter. As he is the number one top fighter's of his crew's Holy Three. The three most powerful pirates on it. Kidd has earned the bounty of 450,000,000 being the highest bounty of his crew. Kidd is part of the New Generation of Rookie or New Pirates that have reached the first half of Grand Line with a bounty higher than 150,000,000 thus he's bounty been the second highest along Riko. Kidd has earned a high reputation as he has met and fought several pirates such as Draco D. Damon and Kazuki D. Riko.



Kidd's main attire

Kidd is a young man of average height, he has blonde wavy hair which is probably one of his two most prominient features. He has purple round eyes and what one could say a scrawny body. Even though this helps him hide he's incredible physique. Kidd has a tan skin, this is because he prefers to beon the outer part of the ship rather than in his cabin. This probably shows that Kidd does not like being indoors as he prefers outdoors more. Kidd despite looking to have a scrawny body he has shown to have a six-pack of abs triceps, biceps and more strong muscles. This is probably because of he's daily endless training, he's scrawny body is a great cover for he's amazing physical strength. Despite he's many battle's Kidd has no scar, this is somewhat strange as he has battled many people.

Kidd's choice of clothing is somewhat different from other's as he's main attire or outfit is a dark blue jacket which he keeps only one button buttoned in place as the rest of the yellow buttons are unbottoned, revealing a yellow short-sleeved shirt underneath. When the climate is too hot  Kidd ussually does not use his jacket as not even he can resist such climate or when on cold days he usually keeps all buttons buttoned. His pants are the same color as the jacket dark blue, they are feet length. To complete his clothe's he wears white tennis shoes. Kidd has been said to be handsome by most of the ladies he meets this is something he won't care much of.





Suoh D. Kidd
Headphones Kidd

As the Captain of the Holy Power Pirates, He has been recognized by the World Government as a threat and very dangerous pirate in the world because of his acts. When Kidd started his journey as a pirate he wash't of much importance for the World Government but, after time passed by Kidd became a very powerful pirate and so did he's crew being recognised as a threat for the world government.

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