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The Falling Sky
Romanized Name: The Falling Sky
English Name: The Falling Sky
First Appearance: Grand Voyage
The Falling Sky (落下空, Rakka Sora), also known as simply Sky, is the main pirate ship used by The Marimo Pirates for the second half of Grand Voyage. Following the destruction of their old ship, The Shooting Star, during the infamous Strong War, as well as their crew splitting up for two years, their shipwright, Carson, returned to his "home", Water 7, specifically Dock Six (where he was initially employed). Using all of his savings from his travels abroard, Carson was able to buy a shipment of Adam wood, and used it as the main wood for the ship (though he kept the Star's keel, which he reinforced with the substance). It's name was also inspired by the Shooting Star, as Carson believed that this ship would be "bigger and better".

The ship officially debuted during the Return to Saobody Arc, in which Carson arrived in the ship. He later confirmed he gained much of the furniture and the like inside it via gambling.

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Carson Command (C2)Edit

Carson's pride and joy, Carson Command is a circular room modeled after a Pilotable Pacifista's cockpit, located in the center of the ship. From here, Carson can practically turn the Sky into a superweapon, as he can control all of the ship's functions from here, including firing the Shooting Star Canon at will, freely redirecting the heat, cooling, and waste pipes, and much more. Much like a Portable Pacifista, to use this requires a specific input code, which only Carson knows.



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Doubling as Stormy's room, the Infirmary is the go-to place for outstanding medical care. It comes complete with heating and cooling functions, a mirror and various cosmetics, a bureau for holding medical supplies, a table and easy chair for visitors, and a large, fluffy bed for patients and/or the doctor. It has wallpaper colored with various shades of pink, as per Stormy's specific instrunctions.

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