The Seven Spectrums
Japanese Name: 虹の七色
Romanized Name: Sebun Supekutora
English Name: The Seven Spectrums
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Total Bounty: Beli Small2,810,000,000

The Seven Spectrums (虹の七色 (セブン・スペクトラ) Sebun Supekutora lit. Seven Colors of the Rainbow) is a term that refers to the Seven Super Rookie Pirates, with bounties over Beli150,000,000 who arrived in the Sabaody Archipelago. They are known as such, since most of the major conflicts that have occurred recently were partially or directly caused by them.



The Seven SpectrumsEdit

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The Seven Spectrums
Draco D. Damon Vermilion D. Derek Dhahaka D. Knave Damain D Chris‎‎
Dalca Deimos Phantom D. Ryder Akashi Ryouta

Members' ProfileEdit

Name Origin Affiliation Bounty Abilities, Weapons, and Powers Epithet
Draco D. Damon East Blue Captain of the Draco Pirates Beli550,000,000 "Crimson Demon" ("紅蓮魔" ドラコD.デイモン "Gurenma" Dorako Dī Deimon?)
Vermilion D. Derek West Blue Captain of the White Scarf Pirates Beli499,999,999 "White Scarf" ("しろ" バーミリオンD.ディー デレク "Shiro Sukafu" Baamirion Dī Dereku?)
Dhahaka D. Knave South Blue Captain of The Marimo Pirates Beli420,000,000 "Marimo Knave" (まりもネイヴ Marimo no Neibu?)
Damain D Chris East Blue Captain of The ThunderBird Pirates Beli400,000,000 "ThunderBird" ("サンダーバード" "Sandaabaado"?)
Dalca Deimos North Blue Captain of the Lightning Beast Pirates Beli400,000,000 "Lightning Beast Deimon" ("野獣の雷光" "Yajuu no Raikou" Deimos?)
Phantom D. Ryder East Blue Beli360,000,000 "Cyan Devil" ("シアン悪魔" ファントムD.ライダー "Shian Akuma" Fantomu Dī Raidā?)
Akashi Ryouta East Blue Captain of the Typhoon Pirates Beli151,000,000 "Wild Storm Ryouta" (荒い嵐 "Arai Arashi" Ryouta?)


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