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The Shooting Star
Romanized Name: The Shooting Star
English Name: The Shooting Star
First Appearance: Grand Voyage
The Shooting Star (シューティングスタ, Shuutingu Suta), also known by first as The Star and later by simply "Starry", is the main pirate ship used by The Marimo Pirates for the first half of Grand Voyage. Originally a "famous pirate ship", it was later found and refitted by D'Artagnan, who left it unnamed until he joined the crew, upon which Knave gave it its name. When the crew gained their shipwright, Carson, he upgraded it multiple times. It was later semi-destroyed by Marine gunfire during The Strong War, and the crew was forced to burn it.

Over the timeskip, Carson used all of his savings to buy a large amount of Adam Wood, and used it to build his crew their new ship, The Falling Sky, assisted by his friends in Dock 6.

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