Tori Tori no Mi,Model:ThunderBird

200px-Zapdos Thunderbolt
Japanese Name:

Tori Tori no Mi,Model:ThunderBird

English Name:Bird Bird Fruit, ThunderBird Model

Zoan,Mythical Zoan

Power:To become a full or hybrid form of a ThunderBird
Eaten By: Damain D Chris
Story / Creator:

Tori Tori no Mi,Model:ThunderBird grants the user the abilite to turn into a full or hybrid form of a thunderbird it also grants the user the control over electricity .the user also gains the abilitie to fly aswell as manipulate and create lightning.



The major strength of this fruit is that it gives the user the ability to fly and create and manipulate lightning. Aswell as turn into a full or hybrid form of a thunderbird and manipulate the weather.The user gains a huge increase in speed, strength and eye sight . Since chris has mastered the fruit to its full extent he is able to turn his body parts into the body parts of a thunderbird


The user suffers from standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.