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Wall D. Lean

Lean Post

Wall D. Lean pre

Japanese Name: 壁D.痩躯
Romanized Name: Kabe D. Souku
English Name: Wall D. Lean
Affiliations: Gray Pirates
Occupations: Pirate; Captain
Epithet: Gray Demon (葦毛の悪魔 Ashige no Akuma?)
Age: 18 (Debut)
20 (after timeskip)
Birthday: November 6th
Height: 165cm (5'7") (Before Time Skip)
175cm (5'9") (After Time Skip)
Bounty: Beli450,000,000
Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Oni Oni no Mi, Model: Scale Demon
English Name: Demon Demon Fruit, Model: Scale Demon
Meaning: Scale Demon
Type: Zoan

Wall D. Lean (壁D.痩躯, Kabe D. Souku) also known as "Gray Demon" (葦毛の悪魔, Ashige no Akuma) is a pirate captain of the Gray Pirates. All his family was taken from his by marines 14 years ago and he was taken by them to become a marine, but he run away and become a pirate to take his revenge. He is one of the most powerfull and skiled members of his crew known as the "Five Leaders".

These acts, amongst other things, have given him his current bounty of Beli Small450,000,000, the biggest bounty of his crew. He have ate a Zoan devil fruit that give him the ability to transform into a full or parcial demon the Oni Oni no Mi, Model: Scale Demon.


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Before the TimeskipEdit

Lean is a young man of average height with a lean, muscular physique, which, over the course of time, has become heavily marred with scars. He has medium-length gray/white hair, silver/gray eyes, and his skin is somewhat pale. Lean has an unusual scar on the left side of his face, trails down in a line that severs his eyebrow and mars his eyelid, and hooks slightly at his cheekbone and follows his cheek down close to his chin. It also has an extra line of scar tissue that runs parallel to his lower eyelid.

After the TimeskipEdit

After the timeskip, Lean changed the appearance a bit having stayed with her longer hair, and his left arm is in weaponry, his clothes now consists of a long white jacket with its hood attached to the mask he uses often to disguise themselves.


Wall D. Lean Post Timeskip
"Gray Demon" Lean

As the captain of the crew, Lean has been recognized by the World Government as the most dangerous member of the Gray Pirates. Due to Lean being a relatively new pirate, the World Government originally did not pay much attention to him. However, with each new outrageous exploit Riko and his crew have accomplished, their views on him have changed.

  • 1st Bounty: Beli Small30,000,000- For having destroyed a Navy base and have recruited to his crew Tarumi a former prisoner.
  • 2nd Bounty: Beli Small90,000,000 Have destroyed a whole city together with his companions having defeated Allen a powerful pirate captain who massacred thousands of other pirates.
  • 3rd Bounty: Beli Small130,000,000 For having attacked an entire fleet of Navy to enter the grand line and have defeated three ships.
  • 4th Bounty: Beli Small200,000,000 By declaring war against the World Government, to save his companion Trano Red that ended with the Declaration of all Gray Pirates have disappeared without a trace.
  • 5th Bounty: Beli Small450,000,000 By getting into the new world two years later after having been considered dead, show own Haoshoku Haki, destroy several pacifists in his set crew, having defeated Yami, Kain and Oni, three major pirate captains of the new world and set his crew have gone on forbidden Island for pirates Alaster Island


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